Uplevel. Uplift. Upskill.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Sell

There’s a hole in your sales education, a set of important concepts you’ve never been taught. Gap Selling Online Training changes everything you know about sales and what it takes to become a top seller in the 21st century sales game. Enroll your team in our online course and watch their sales skills soar.

Program Outcomes

  • Closing happens at the beginning of the sale. We call it opening. The sale is contingent on how well you open. Learn to be an opener. HINT: Discovery!
  • Kickass sales demos are game changers. Learn how to ditch the feature dump and start truly demonstrating.
  • Stop losing deals that should close. No more discounting, losing to status quo, buyers going dark.
  • Understand the psychology of change. When we buy, we make a change. But people don’t like change.

Program Themes

Busting Sales Myths, How to Qualify, How to Ask Powerful Discovery Questions, Kickass Sales Demos, and Objections Handling.

FORMAT Self Paced Online Course
START DATE Start Anytime*
TIME 6-8 Hours
3 DIFFERENT PLANS Choose Your Plan
PRICE See Plan Pricing


*365-day access from date of purchase.

What You’ll Learn

Intro to the GAP

Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

10 Video Lessons

Busting Sales Myths
I Like my Salesperson Matrix
Know the Game of Sales
CRM Video
What it Means to Sell
Sales is Change Management
Current State
Future State
The Gap Defined
Understanding Buying

2 Activities

Deal Review
Your Buying Journey

Problem Identification

Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

7 Video Lessons

Business Problems
Problem Identification
Your Buyer’s Problems (Exercise Intro)
Technical Problems vs Business Problems
Quiz Intro
CRM Deal Review (Exercise Intro)
Creating a PIC

4 Activities

CRM Review
Knowledge Test
Company PIC

Discovery Part 1

Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

10 Video Lessons

Intro to Discovery
How to Qualify
Understanding Budget vs Affordability
Understanding Buying Power
Understanding Need
Understanding Timing
Qualification Criteria
New Qualification Criteria
Defining Everything
Objectives of Discovery

2 Activities

Define Quiz
Discovery Quiz

Discovery Part 2

Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

8 Video Lessons

Command Statements
Types of Questions
How to Use Questions
Measuring the Gap
Enough Value?
Types of Currency
No Gap No Sale
How Do You Feel?

1 Activities

Types of Questions Quiz


Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

7 Video Lessons

Intro to Demos and Presentations
Demos (Exercise Intro)
Choosing Your Style
No If’s
6 Feature Demo
Psychology of Anchoring

1 Activities

CRM Exercise


Sneak Peak

Watch the Video

12 Video Lessons

Intro to Pipeline
Decision Criteria
Buying Process
The Next Yes
CRM (Exercise Intro)
Using the CRM
I’m Confused…
Quantifying the Sale
CRM (Exercise Intro)

3 Activities

CRM Demo Review
CRM Next Steps Review
CRM What’s Missing Review

Empower Your Entire Team

It’s all about results! Rock star salespeople are great. We LOVE them. We also love it when people take initiave and level-up their personal skills. But sales is simply not a strong link sport. It’s a weak link game which means your best strategy to improve is to get your lowest players up.


  • Sales organizations with a common methodology out perform those who don’t by 12-25% typically.
  • Consistency is the name of the game. Consistent qualification criteria, consistent messaging, consistent conversations for deal reviews, consistent!
  • With consistency comes powerful coaching. Manangers, this is for you. Have the common language to give specific feedback to your salespeople.
  • MOST important, have some fun! We know “sales training” has been fairly daft for the last 40 years, but that’s just not how we roll. Be challenged, entertained, collaborate, and buckle-up, because this training is a ride!

Consistent Customer Conversations for All!

Gap Selling Training Method Course is developed to solidify foundational concepts in selling and selling skills. This course is best taken by those who have customer facing conversations, both digital and non-digital. This means you too marketing!

Align your BDRs, AEs, front-line managers, sales engineers, marketing strategy, customer success into a problem-centric powerhouse.

Challenge, Entertain, Motivate, Improve

Expect the unexpected!

The state of sales training for the last 40 years went from a full blown sink or swim, figure it out, semi-ferral profession to effectively a tips and tricks / paint-by-numbers level of skills training. Consider Keenan your Bob Ross style instructor here to build sophisticated selling skills so you can trash the training wheels and become a top sales organization.

How To Enroll As A Team

1. Pick A Plan


For all the front-line sales managers
who want a Gap Selling team.

Ideal for teams between 2-11 training users

Small company

All the basics you need to transform
your sales organization into a Gap
Selling powerhouse.

Ideal for teams from 12 – 36 training users

Large Company

For medium to large sales organizations that need training and robust reporting.

Ideal for teams of 37 or more training users

2. Register

Create your first account login credentials simply with a name, email, and password.

to help lead team kickoff and debrief

3. Payment

Pay today with a credit card and get started without delay!


Reach out to our sales team for PO payment processing for ACH, checks, or other billing options.

Learn From the Expert



Keenan is the energetic and lively author of Gap Selling. Keenan is a teacher and coach by nature. He has an uncanny knack for reducing complex issues into simple, bite-size pieces that are easily digestible. Keenan’s approach to training is engaging, direct, funny, and personal. He makes you feel as if the training is being delivered personally for you and no one else.

Keenan is passionate about sales and has been selling, coaching, teaching and leading sales organizations for over 20 years and his passion and commitment to your success is evident from the second you press play.


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